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A clothing is wholesale at moderate price.

Дитячий стиль та індивідуальність.

Трикотажная одежда является идеальным и самым доступным вариантом для всей вашей семьи.

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Трикотажна фабрика Анжеліка і Лев - товари для дітей.

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Children's Knitwear Dwarf Knit Fabric from the Manufacturer

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Дата публикации: 25.05.2017
Полтавский трикотаж для взрослых и детей
And now it's not far off the time of rest, vacations and vacations - favorite all summer.
With his arrival, there is not a single person with a bad mood. Bright, warm sun rays awaken
every morning from sleep better than any alarm clock. And there is no longer a desire to wrap
yourself in a warm blanket and spend all day. The most colorful and warm season of the year
and calls for a walk, to the street. Noticeably decreases the number of people at bus stops,
waiting for their bus, scurrying back and forth - taxi cars. Here and there you can see passers-by
walking a slow strolling gait early in the morning to work. And it is this morning walk that
provides you with a great mood for the whole day.

Fresh air, birds singing, smiles of people meeting, lightness of clothes gives strength before a hard working
day. It's time to get rid of for a long time from things so annoying for the cold days. Even in the first spring
days, we begin to update our and children's summer wardrobe. After all, kids grow so fast and they need
to update things often. And even those whose growth has stopped, still want to new things for the summer.
Well, about the charming women and beautiful girlsand say nothing. The desire for beauty is in their blood
from birth. And the strong sex does not lag behind inbuying new clothes. And in all these desires,
one goal is pursued: to buy high-quality natural knitted beautifulclothesat a low price.

And in this you will help the online store. 
It is our factory that will give you the opportunity
to purchase what you want at very low prices and at a discount. And do not be afraid that our prices are
so low because the jerseys are substandard. It is not so. We just take care of our customers and
understand that now everyone has a difficult time. Children's knitwear from the manufacturer - the most
optimal choice of consumers. Thanks to the non-price, you have the opportunity in the online
store "Angelica and Lev" to buy knitwear wholesale and retail. It seems, but what can the children
need for the summer? A couple of t-shirts, a dress, shorts and a skirt. But this is not true at all.
It's not a secret for anyone that no matter how neat the child, it always and everywhere can get dirty.

In the summer wardrobe of the child there should be at least 3-4 light sets, not less than 4 footballs, 
shorts and skirts, and at least 2 - 3 dresses and sarafans. Thanks to this amount of knitted clothing,
the baby will always be neat, and the mother will be able to do laundry without much haste.
Knitted clothing is ideal for summer trips, outdoor recreation, evening walks and just for outdoor activities.
The knitted fabric has good air permeability, does not cause allergic reactions and is pleasant to the body.
полтавский трикотаж для взрослых и детей
By giving preference to the products of the factory "Angelica and Lev" you are guaranteed
to get comfortable, high-quality, and what is more important, beautiful knitted clothes.
In our products.  In any situation, in any weather, you will feel yourself elegant and comfortable.

A woman from her very birth is a beautiful individual. And no matter how old she is,
in what environment she lives, her beauty follows her along the path of life.
Each of her movements, every moment of her life, is filled with feminine charm.
But what is given to girls, girls and women by nature does not always satisfy them.

The desire to express more, emphasize their femininity and beauty leads to the search for new solutions.
To the aid goes cosmetics, bijouterie, various accessories and, of course, clothes. 
Light knitted sarafans, air blouses, skirts of different lengths, t-shirts of different styles,
trousers and bicycle tracks, tunics and dresses - all this is the instrument of femininity.
Correctly picking up the color range and style, the girl can be transformed beyond recognition.
In the spring - summer period, these transformations can be observed most.

Getting rid of the load of outer clothing, the female sex becomes light and "flutters" like a butterfly, in the
hectic days of everyday life. Warm times give them an opportunity to express their inner world more vividly,
more precisely to emphasize the charms of their figure, the glitter of their eyes. And for this,
warmvolumetric sweaters, woolen tunicsand other autumn-winter clothes are no longer needed.
Here and there you can meet a girl in a bright knitted blouse with interlocks, colorful tunics and jersey
dresses blossom with their flower prints, and with them the female charm blossoms.

Due to the large abundance of knitted fabric, the problem in the uniformity of texture, styles and colors of
children's and adult knitwear disappeared. Now everyone can choose for himself the appropriate print and
tone of the canvas, which will ideally be combined with the inner world and external data of the person.
Knitted goods are quite practical. Due to the fact that they retain their original look and color saturation,
their presence in the wardrobe they will please you not a single season.
Also, knitwear is widely used in the production of baby clothes and clothes.

The first knittingfactory "Angelica and Lev" refers to a group of those knitting workshops that deserve the
trust of customers and uses only the best knitted fabrics and accessories in their production. It was for our
customers that our online store was created. On our site you have the opportunity to purchase not only
knitted clothes, but also children's toys and hosiery. Feature of the Internet store "Angelica and Lev" 
is a low price for quality products, the lack of all kinds of cheating for wholesale and retail purchases
and a constant system of discounts. The uniqueness of knitwear is that in its various texture it is ideal for
any season of the year. Anyone who thinks that jerseys look cheap and simple is mistaken. It is not so.

Now manufacturers of knitted goods are offered a wide range of knitted fabrics with various
structures. Elastic jersey, delicate velor, rich velvet, the finest viscone, the warmest footer and
stretch-footer makes it possible to create not only everyday knitwear, but chic outfits.
Naughty tomboy, little ladies, charming women and attractive men will find something of their own,
original on the pages of the online store "Angelica and Leo". We have not left our smallest customers
without attention. In the presence of slides on the elastic band, sliders "Euro", nursery blouses, caps,
hats and much more.

And the little toy or board game we got from us will make it even more fun for a new
outfit.One of the most popular cloths for making clothes is knitwear. It is used not only by ordinary sewing
workshops, but by well-known fashion designers and designers. Knitwear perfectly matches with various
other materials and has many positive qualities. Knitted fabric is used not only in the underwear group,
as we are accustomed to notice, but also in festive and casual clothes. Due to its varied texture,
different prints, knitwear looks nothing worse than products from expensive canvases.

Knitted clothing is an ideal option for children of all age groups. It is light, natural, hippo-allergenic, pleasant
to the touch, air-permeable, not requiring special care, preserving heat. All of this suggests that when
choosing knitwear, you make no doubt the right choice. At the present time there are many knitting factories
and workshops. Many of them specialize in a certain group of clothes, and some have a wider profile.
Among the list of knitting workshops, not least is the knitting workshop "Angelica and Lev". We have been
manufacturing for many years and have an extensive base of regular customers, which speaks of the good
quality of our knitted goods and the availability of prices. Due to some changes in the country,
our city changed its name from Komsomolsk to Gorishnie Plavni.
But from these changes the location of our warehouse - the store has not changed.

We are still in the Poltava region and on
 Dobrovolsky Street 87/1. For a greater variety, we suggest you
purchase on our site not only knitted clothes, but also hosiery and toys. Knitted clothing online store
"Angelica and Lev" is ideal for all occasions and for any weather. On the main page of the site you can see
the auction sales and the system of discounts. Using the filter on the right side of the page, it's easy to find
the size and texture of the canvas that you need. There is also a table of sizes. And for beginners in the
purchase of knitted garments, a detailed description of knitted fabrics of different textures is proposed,
which is on the left side of the page in the lower corner. We work with both wholesale buyers and retailers.
Prices from the purchase option do not change and there is no any cheating. Buying knitwear
from the manufacturer, you are guaranteed to get clothes of high quality and prices below the market.

For beginning traders this is the best option. With minimal costs, you can replenish your assortment with
different kinds of knitwear from the first knitting workshop "Angelica and Lev" and at the same time get a
discount. We guarantee the prompt delivery of the order, its rapid collection, and excellent product.
Available are jerseys for all age groups and for any time of the year.
Future moms with ease in the online store "Angelica and Lev" will find everything necessary for the
maternity home: diapers, capes,ryashonki, sliders and envelopes.
Those who have children of the orchard and school age have the
opportunity to purchase on our site everything necessary for the child to go to preschool and school.
Well, moms and daddies can please themselves with new clothes, purchased at affordable prices.
The minimum order amount is 200 UAH. For this amount you can buy none, and not two knitwear.
Due to the fact that we did not raise our prices due to the growth of the dollar,
our prices are more than loyal and accessible to everyone, regardless of social status.
полтавский трикотаж для взрослых и детей
Одежда в магазине трикотажной фабрики "Анжелика и Лев ®" - "Детский Трикотаж"
Рейтинг@Mail.ru Яндекс.Метрика
Фабрика-производитель трикотажа в Украине: "Анжелика и Лев ®" Интернет магазин одежды Детский трикотаж
Качественная одежда для детей и взрослых оптом по ценам прямого поставщика.